Chris Marshall

“I try to make a client’s business journey the best it can be.”

Chris has spent his entire career at Accru Harris Orchard. After joining in 1981, he left to study, and to gain experience working overseas – and then returned to the firm he feels so much a part of.

It’s hard to find anyone more loyal and client-focussed than Chris. He has dedicated his entire working life to helping people, and his major focus at work is to make sure a client’s business journey is a good one. He is also known for rarely being in the office. But for a good reason: he’s with his clients most of the time.

Chris’s unique selling point is empathy. He develops a genuine rapport with clients, and they trust him to do the right thing for them personally and for their business. Not one for surprises, Chris particularly enjoys regular reporting: tracking his clients’ business performance and guiding them along the way to make improvements. Because he gets to know his clients so well, Chris has an in-depth understanding of both their personal and business financial requirements. This all-encompassing view lets him uncover lots of opportunities that are normally quite difficult to spot, such as potential structural changes to the business, and create benefits clients don’t even know are possible.

In a nutshell:

Personable and empathetic.

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